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Electrical Maintenance Perth

Advice on How to Be Safe From Electronic Appliances in the Bathroom

The combination of electricity and water is dangerous. It can lead to all kind of electrical emergencies like electrical shock and electrocution. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Suggestions on How to Maintain Safety in the Bathroom

Safe Use of Electric Heaters: Undoubtedly central heating keeps a bathroom safe but gas or electric heaters must be wired permanently unless fitted with sockets three meters away from shower or bath. To control the heaters, a switch or pull cord should be out of the bathrooms.

Use of Electric Showers: The electric showers should be supplied by a circuit of its own from the fuse box directly

Safe Use of Electrical Home Appliances: Avoid using the electrical appliances powered from the main electricity board. The use of heaters, hair dryers or radios in bathrooms is dangerous.

Avoid Sockets: It is safe not to use sockets in the shower rooms or bathrooms apart from the units of shaver, unless the sockets are at a distance of three meters or more from the shower or bath. Even the points of the electrical shaver should be far away from the shower or bath to avoid getting splashed by water.

Use of Correct Lights: The hanging lights are an absolute no to be used in bathrooms. Instead the ceiling lights that are enclosed are preferred. Light switches pose a threat due to wet hands or dampness. Thus a pull cord mounted in the ceiling is the safest.

Prompt Repair of Faulty Wiring: Be alert about indications of faulty wiring such as flickering lights, warm switches and fuses that blow frequently. Hire the services of registered electricians from electrical maintenance Perth to fix faulty wiring promptly.

Habit of Unplugging and Turning of Appliances: After the use of electrical home appliances always turn them off promptly followed by unplugging them. If they are left plugged on, they still pose a big threat.

By following the above-mentioned advice on safety tips of home appliances, accidents can be avoided to a great extent. Avail the services of electrical maintenance Perth to check your electrical system once a while for safety.