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24 hour electrician Perth

Electrical emergencies can be fatal and can cost lives. It is important to take a lot of care while handling electrical appliances to prevent the occurrence of such emergencies. Listed below are some tips to help you to stay safe and avoid life-threatening electrical emergencies at home.

Suggestions to Avoid Electrical Emergencies At Home

Upkeep of Electrical Appliances: Maintain the electrical appliances in an optimum condition. They should be clean and should function properly.

Avoid Overloading: We recommend having an in-built safety device on the power board as a safety mechanism to cut off the power supply.

Servicing of Electrical Appliances: Avail the services of 24 hour electrician Perth to check your electricity system annually.

Turn off Electrical Appliances: Switch off the electrical appliances after use to avoid any kind of electrical emergency.

Use of RCD: RCDs should be present in the fuse box for outdoor lighting and when using garden tools.

Use Smoke Alarm: This kind of alarm is essential to warn inmates of a house before the outburst of electrical fire.

Look Out for Warning Signs: Be vigilant of the warning signs from sockets and plugs like unusual heating, fuse box blowing at regular intervals, and faulty functioning of lights, signs of sootiness, scorch marks or black patches around the plugs. In such cases, hire the services of 24 hour electrician Perth to avoid electrical emergencies.

Avoid Faulty Wires: Check the condition of leads or plugs for the signs of fraying or damage and avoid the use of faulty appliances and wires.

Avoid Overnight Charging: It is a good practice to use the right item for the right charger and avoid charging overnight or when there are no occupants in the house.

With all these precautions, a fatal accident from electrical appliances can be avoided at home.